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  • GR-TEK Windows 7 User Manual (pdf)
  • GR-TEK Windows 8 User Manual (pdf)
  • How to Install Windows 7 – a step by step guide
  • How to Install Windows 8.1 – a step by step guide
  • How to Install Windows 10 – a step by step guide
  • Windows 10 - reinstalling without a Product Key
  • Computer Freezing / Blue Screen Issues.
  • How to test the Gaming Integrity of your system (graphics card)
  • How to test your RAM in Windows click here or use MemtestX86 click here
  • On-Site warranty checklist
  • Removing Hot Glue
  • CDs and DVDs for Windows 10 - Autoplay
  • Wireless LAN Guide click here or Youtube Guide
  • How to initialise and format a new Hard Drive click here
  • How can I help protect my PC from viruses?
  • Wired and wireless network problems
  • How to Add a Bluetooth enabled device to your computer
  • Screensaver & Power Options Not Working
  • How To Connect & Setup Audio on a Computer - (Surround Sound)
  • Installation of your NEW Desktop/Gaming PC - Cooling Considerations
  • Why Do Hard Drives Show the wrong capacity in Windows?
  • Microsoft Windows 7 HELP and HOW TO click here
  • Windows 7 Support Forum click here
  • Microsoft Windows 8 HELP and HOW TO click here
  • Windows 8 Support Forum click here
  • We do not recommend RAZER keyboards & mice click here for more info

    Info & Articles

  • Desktop CPU Performance Chart
  • Graphics Performance Chart
  • How To Boot from your CD/DVD Drive
  • Screensaver & Power Options Not Working
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • CPU Signifcance in Gaming
  • Water Cooling vs Air Cooling
  • RAM Performance in Gaming
  • RAM System Performance - DDR3
  • RAM System Performance - DDR4
  • RAM 1600Mhz vs 1866Mhz vs 2133 Mhz
  • Single Channel RAM vs DUAL Channel
  • Hard Disk Drives vs SSD
  • What is RAID 1 Mirror
  • What are the benefits of RAID 0 ?
  • 1Gig vs 2Gig Graphics Card
  • HDMI vs DVI What's the Difference?
  • Overclocking Performance
  • Overclocking SLI Performance
  • Laptop VS Desktop Gaming
  • RAM Performance in Premiere Pro
  • Premier Pro - Scratch Disks and Clearing The Media Cache Files
  • Moving Pagefile.sys in Windows to make more space on your SSD
  • 4 Gig Vs 8 gig Graphics cards
  • Dual Xeon's vs Single i7 Desktop CPUs in Rendering.
  • Adobe Premier Pro - System Requirements.